Flame-proof thermocouples and resistance thermometers ( ATEX sensor ) have been designed for temperature measurement in all explosion zones of gases, liquids, fogs and dust. The flame-proof head may have 1 or 2 cable glands and may be equipped with terminal block or transmitter. In our production scope we have the following ATEX sensor products:

  • thermocouple flame-proof with thread fitting type TER-Exd-PKG-232;
  • thermocouple flame-proof with flange type TER-Exd-PF-233;
  • thermocouple flame-proof without protection tube type TER-Exd-PKGz-238;
  • Pt100 flame-proof with thread fitting type TOP-Exd-PKG-230
  • Pt100 flame-proof with flange type TOP-Exd-PF-231;
  • Pt100 flame-proof without protection tube TOP-Exd-PKGz-236;

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