About us...

st_alfLadies and gentlemen,

Since 1966 I have been managing the family production firm ALF-SENSOR which was founded by me and which produces and delivers to Polish buyers:

  • precise mechanical parts (turned, milled, drilled; deep drilling of bore - hole items),
  • precise thermometer resistors Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100,
  • a very wide range of temperature sensors (resistant and thermocoupled ones).

We supply products for the needs of all branches of industry, for potentates like steel-works, refineries, electric power stations, thermal power stations and for the needs of medium and small companies as well. We help them to solve technical and metrological problems of temperature measurement.

We assure the highest quality products, due to adapting run of our company to UE requirements.

We have certifications and authorizations :

  • Quality Management System Certification which fulfils PN-EN ISO 9001 standard requirements,
  • Certification of Type Analysis KDB 16ATEX0013X,
  • Certification of Type Analysis KDB 09ATEX053X,
  • Notification of Quality Assurance GIG,
  • TÜV Authorization to issue the Test Report and Material Restamping Certificate according to PN-EN 10204/3.1B

Stanisław Alf

Find pleasant and skilled personnel.

We employ the solid team of the best specialists, constructors, metrologists, electronic engineers and tradesmen, who will help you to solve your individual technical and material problems with their youthful energy, highest qualifications and long-term experience, thus they will help to choose the most suitable way of temperature measurement and the most proper sensor for it. 

Highly qualified performers, turners, machinist millers, toolmakers and assemblers will guarantee performing the assembly elements and sensors with such a quality which has been demanded from us for years by the renowned buyers from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden and Singapore.