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We have advanced technology machine shop which allow us wide range of machining services, both for single piece and for mass production.

We do complete machining of metals (in our manufacturing plant) in the following range:

  • turning (small dimensional and big dimensional up to 220 mm diameter, weights up to 100 kg,
  • milling,
  • grinding (surfaces of 500 mm length and bars up to 600 mm),
  • deep drilling in metal bars of max Ø16 mm drill bore length 1100 mm and Ø50 mm bar outside diameter,
  • welding.

We supply a technological and construction consulting. We make drawing documentation of parts basing onto supplied samples and documentation according to Customer advices. We produce parts of own and consigned materials.

Our company is under continues improvement processes in the range of quality and production effectiveness. We ofter implement new technologies and new solutions.